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Business Service Management

Our team is highly experienced in planning and deploying BSM projects. Such projects are quite complex and must be broken into several phase. Each phase provides immediate gains to the IT team so they don't need to wait until the entire project is done to make use of it.
Listed below are some of the major phases required for a successfull  BSM project:
  • Mapping of the IT infrastructure and model the existing Business Services and their components
  • Creating a project plan that covers the monitoring of the IT infrastructure
  • Deploying the required monitoring software (IT Operations)
  • Deploying the required BSM (End User Experience and/or Real User Monitor) solution
  • Establish a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) and feed from IT Ops monitoring and BSM monitoring software applicatons
  • Create views of the Business Services in the CMDB and make them available to the IT teams


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