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Business service management (BSM)

HP’s Business Service Management (BSM) software and solutions provide intelligence and actionable insights to manage the performance of enterprise applications, systems, networks and storage.
HP BSM ensures the performance of desktop, web, and mobile apps in on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.
HP Operations Manager (OMi)   

HP OMi automatically monitors and correlates events and metrics system-wide. OMi provides automated monitoring, fast root cause identification and prioritization, with automated remedial action.
HP Operations Manager (Windows, Unix)

HPOM is an infrastructure monitoring software that combines agent-based (via HPOM Agent) and agent-less approaches that proactively performs root cause analysis to help you reduce the time to repair and the cost of operations management.
HP SiteScope  

SiteScope is an agentless application monitoring software that provides heterogeneous and hybrid support, quick time to value, and ease of installation, configuration, and use.
HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) 

HP NNMi automates and simplifies network management, with granular network analytics that helps reduce cost and overhead, and avoid unplanned network interruptions.
HP Network Automation

HP Network Automation software automates the complete operational lifecycle of network devices from provisioning to policy-based change management, compliance, and security administration.
HP Virtualization Performance Viewer (vPV)

HP vPV allows you to monitor virtual performance, capacity, and health by using an interactive interface that gives you an at-a-glance overview of the virtualized environment. You can also drill down into specific performance bottlenecks or capacity issues.
HP UTF (Unified Testing Foundation)

HP Service Service Anywhere
HP SAW an automated, seamless SaaS (software as a service) service desk that is easy to set up, configure, use, and maintain. Give IT consumers simple, self-service ordering and tracking of incidents to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.


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